Food for Christmas Parties – How To Make Something a Little Different!!

The ladies at Town and Country Staff love to have a party – and what better excuse than Christmas!  We all know what traditional party food is like at this time of year but here are a few ideas for something a little different to impress your guests.


Super Starters

Who doesn’t love crackling?  Take the skin off your Christmas pork joint, dry it and rub it with salt, and cook it separately in the oven on a high heat until you have crunchy crispy crackling.  Slice it thinly and serve with apple sauce as a dip – a guaranteed winner!

Don’t just serve smoked salmon– make our version of smoked salmon pate!  You will need a large packet of smoked salmon (all the supermarkets have them on offer at Christmas at about £10 a packet), a large tub of Philadelphia Cream Cheese – don’t be tempted to use a ‘light’ cream cheese as it doesn’t work, some dried dill and some fresh dill, the juice and the rind of a fresh lemon, half a teaspoon of horseradish sauce, and a some ground black pepper.  Put everything in a food blender and pulse until just blended – you need it smooth but still with some ‘bite’ to it.  Adjust the seasoning and dill to your taste.  Just fabulous as a starter with some delicious bread or on small biscuits as a canape.


A Goose for a Great Main Course

Having a turkey as a main course is very traditional – but what about a goose!  Don’t be afraid of cooking goose – it is not difficult but you do have to put it on a rack an pour off the fat every so often.  Try rubbing the skin with honey and five spice before it goes into the oven – and don’t forget to use the fat for your roast potatoes!

Not Your Usual Cheese Board

When it comes to the cheese course don’t just do a usual cheese board – try baked brie!  Buy a small whole round brie (the one that comes in its own box), one will usually serve three or four people.   Take the lid and the paper off and then put it back in its box, tie a bit of string around the box and bake it in the oven on a medium heat for about 7 to 10 minutes until it is warmed through and ‘gooey’.  Serve it with a lovely Christmas Chutney, or drizzled with truffle honey (available on the internet) and with some delicious bread to ‘dip’ – to die for!!

Christmas Ice Cream for a Different Dessert

Lastly the pudding!  Why not try making Christmas Ice Cream.  This fabulous, just ask Bibi!!  You need a large tub of good ready made custard (not Bird’s but something like Waitrose’s own), 600 ml double cream, and a large jar of the best sweet mincemeat (the type you put in mince pies), and we usually add a good glug of brandy.  In a large bowl simply mix it all together and then put it in your ice cream maker and let it churn and then freeze as you would with any ice cream.  This is our favourite Christmas dessert!