How to have a happy housekeepers Christmas – before and after the special day!

The Christmas season is nearly upon us once again!

Christmas celebrations can require a lot of cleaning! Read on for suggestions on how to stay in control of your housework during Christmas & create a house cleaning schedule.

Top Tip


To aid your cleaning mission around the Christmas season be sure to keep your cleaning cupboard well supplied for tackling, spills, dirt, and grease that can accumulate over this busy time.

Key Steps:


To maintain a clean, organised house during and after Christmas it will help if you can prepare a cleaning checklist, which includes the following:

  • Pre-Christmas cleaning activities such as stocking up on cleaning products.
  • Daily cleaning activities for over the festive season such as addressing spills as soon as they happen.
  • Post-Christmas cleaning activities such as washing, drying, and storing any dishes or glassware that is used only use for special occasions.

We know where there’s a celebration, there’ll also be cleaning up afterwards!! Whether you Principals are hosting a family meal, receiving guests, or visiting relatives and neighbours, here are a few suggestions for how to stay in control of your housework.

Cleaning Up Tips: Get Organised Ahead of Time


A thorough clean before Christmas to make sure everything is spotless and tidy before  guests arrive will go a long way towards maintaining your housekeeping routine. This will also minimise how much time you will have to spend cleaning up afterwards

This is a helpful checklist to get ahead:


Pre-Christmas Cleaning Checklist

  • Clean or rinse out any special dishes, glassware, and cutlery.
  • Source extra chairs, crockery and cutlery.
  • Consider using paper plates (ideally, recyclable ones) and napkins at buffet meals for ease.
  • Shake out or iron any table linens.
  • Beat out carpets and upholstery.
  • Make sure empty rubbish bins are placed and accessible in all communal spaces.
  • Distribute tissue boxes in communal areas.
  • Empty the washing hamper.
  • Stock up on washing detergent, dishwasher powder, rubbish bags, and toilet and kitchen paper.
  • Stock up on stain removers and other cleaning products.
  • Launder or dry clean any special outfits.
  • Take decorations out of storage.
  • Check and replace any missing bulbs on strings of lights.

Maintaining a House Cleaning Routine

If you have an organised household cleaning routine, it will make it easy to transition back to your normal cleaning routine when Christmas comes to an end.

Keep these tips in mind:


Daily Cleaning Up List During Christmas

  • Clear up spills and address stains straight away to make sure they come out.
  • Vacuum or sweep floors in communal areas and the kitchen.
  • Empty rubbish and recycling bins.
  • Check toilet paper and tissue box stocks.
  • Do a quick clean of the toilets and hand basins.
  • Cover and/or put food away in the fridge before you go to bed to avoid wastage and spoiling.

Post-Christmas Cleaning Up List

  • Wash, dry, and store all dishes and cutlery.
  • Dry clean special outfits before storing.
  • Take down any decorations and strings of lights and gently clean before storing them for the next celebration.
  • Prepare a meal plan for the next week to use up any leftovers.
  • Make a shopping list of any missing items to buy or make before next Christmas.