We are proud to announce the launch of Town and Country Elite.

What kind of services will Town and Country Elite offer? There will be a wide range of extra services and these will include:

A Vetting Service – we do understand that you will not always recruit through Town and Country but you are still going to want staff to be vetted. So we will do background checks, CRB or police checks and these can be done for overseas as well as UK addresses, reference checking etc. for any member of your staff. If you recruit through us this service is included in our fees.

Staff Pay Roll – we can help you to organise the tax and NI for your staff. We can also offer a service that means you do not have to deal with paying your staff so that every month your staff will receive a pay slip and their salary and all you have to do is make a ‘one off payment’ to cover all of this.

Legal Service – All staff are entitled to contracts and we can help you to produce this document – but do you also need a confidentiality agreement? We can help with all of this. If you recruit through us this would be included in our fees.

In House Staff Training – Whatever you need, whether in the UK or overseas, we can provide excellent trainers.

Child Chaperone/Guardian Service – Do you need your child collected from your home and bought to school in the UK or overseas, or picked up from school and taken to an airport or accompanied to on their journey to you? Bibi or Andrea do this service personally and can organise any security you feel you need to go with this service.

Close Protection, Security and Chauffeur Services – can be organised for anywhere in the UK or overseas either on a permanent or temporary basis.

Butler for a Special Occasion – Do you know that, if you are entertaining at home, you can have a Butler just for that occasion? Whether it is an anniversary or a birthday party, a baby shower or even entertaining business clients a Butler makes this a memorable occasion.

What else? – You tell us what you need, we are here to help.

Please contact us on 020 3174 2446, email us at

or fill out the form on the Contact us page.